“Commit your way to the Lord,” says in Psalm 37:5a, NIV

The word alignment means “a position of agreement or alliance.” Its significance encompasses all aspects of our being and doing. This is more so true in the realm of spiritual alignment. Our alignment with God is critical in our daily walk of life.

Can you recall a moment when you felt wholly aligned with God?

Unfortunately, we often see God’s people struggling to align with God consistently. Here are some examples: When our words mismatch our actions, are we not out of alignment? As far as Jesus is concerned, if you say you love him but don’t take care of his people, there is a misalignment. Are we kidding when we say we honor God yet disrespect our neighbors? In Micah 6, our acts of worship of God in the sanctuary and acts of justice in the public square are to align with each other, with no difference at all. As Christ’s disciples, do we take seriously this matter of alignment? If we are causing people to experience hurt and pain, we are clearly out of alignment with God. Do our values compatible or incompatible with Christ’s healing, forgiving, and reconciling love? Are we differentiating our ways of life from how Jesus lived on earth? What aspects of life do you pray to God to align with Jesus? How complex are those challenges you face each day that make it hard to succeed? What are the gifts you possess to be in alignment with God?

In any scenario, a decision will be made if you have determined to stay aligned with God in various life experiences. The Scriptures says, “Commit your way to the Lord.” Committing to God is a huge step towards positioning our life in agreement or alliance with God. Better news: God will act if we engage or align our way to the Lord!

We do everything in unison with God. God will act, and when God acts, everything is possible.

How can you align your way of life to the way of the Lord, our God, today? What is a small act of faith you could do to stay aligned with God? Let’s commit our way to the Lord and rejoice, for God will act and lead us to live in full alignment with God Almighty!

Prayer Song:

By Charles W. Barnes (Words) and Harriet P. Grove (Music)

Commit thy way, and day by day,
The Lord shall lead.
And He shall trace, with tender grace,
Thy path—’tis all we need.
For love shall crown,
Shall crown our life indeed.

Commit thy way; our hearts obey,
And God doth lead;
And at the last shall bring to pass
All that the heart shall plead.
For love has crowned,
Has crowned our life indeed. Amen.