“the glory which shall be revealed in us,” says Romans 8:18

I know it is pretty embarrassing to admit that I am afraid of riding a roller coaster. Don’t get me wrong. I like watching it from a distance, admiring the riders enjoying the ride. Not me. I know I am missing something extraordinary by not doing it. In fairness, I tried taking a roller coaster ride a few times during my adult life. In one summer time, our whole family went to Disneyland. Before getting there, I had already decided that this was the moment I had been waiting for to experience the fun of a roller coaster ride. Internally, I was saying, “You can’t continue to live with fear; you need to conquer your fear.” I agreed. I was on the line heading to the entrance feeling confident. No turning back, what kept vibrating into my inner self. Everything changed quickly when we reached a few steps to the entrance door. There was a WARNING SIGN on the wall that I carefully read. Without notice, I was running rush in the opposite direction, away from the entrance, and abandoned my family like orphans.

We all face challenges, struggles, and demanding situations in life. No one can escape from experiencing fear, anxiety, and worry in a lifetime. If you are amid adversity, you can choose happiness and pursue victory. Instead of giving up or quitting, you have your true self that can convert challenges into gifts and opportunities. In times of trials, resist focusing on the circumstances. Instead, take a moment to look deeply at the power inside you.

It is worth asking ourselves, What is your life? What’s your life’s purpose that’s keeping you moving forward despite your challenges in life? Are you running away from your problems or facing them with hope, courage, and faith in God? What is the dream God has entrusted to you? What if you surrender your fear and let God empowers you to fulfill God’s purpose in your life? Fear shadows your vision of God’s possibilities. What would happen if you allowed your faith in God to manifest God’s glory in and through you? What difference would it make for you and the world?

In his book, “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential,” Joel Osteen writes, “It is the struggle that gives us the strength. Without opposition or resistance, there is no potential for progress. Without the resistance of air, an eagle can’t soar. Without the resistance of water, a ship can’t float. Without the resistance of gravity, you and I can’t even walk.” Romans 11:36 says, “For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory.” Indeed, life is worth living because God is with us.

Prayer Song:

And because He lives
I can face it tomorrow
Because He lives
All fear is gone
Because I know
He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because He lives